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  1. The application for the award is open to All MSOSH Corporate Members and Non-Members.
  2. Deadline for the submission of application form and requested documents is Monday, 11th February 2019.
  3. No submission will be entertained after the deadline.
  4. Those who need additional time for submission can submit a written appeal enclosing a NON REFUNDABLE appeal fee of RM600-00 for each site by Thursday, 31th January 2019.
  5. Extended deadline for successful appeal cases is on Monday, 18th February 2019 (upon receipt of appeal fees).



Applicant can register online by completing the online registration form as link below. (Do NOT attach any document during registration).

REGISTRATION FORM, please Click here . (Bonus mark will be given for Online Registration)

Audit document must be sent separately to MSOSH Office. (See details below)

Closing date for online registration and document submission is on Monday, 11th February 2019. (Request for late submission please see item No.2 (page 2)).



Please print Application Form and have it signed by the CEO/MD/GM, complete with company stamp.

Please attach all required documents either hard copy or soft copy, arranged systematically with label or index.

The printed Application Form together with requested supporting document (hard copy or soft copy) must be sent to MSOSH Secretariat by the closing date Monday, 11th February 2019.


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