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Looking at the fire in KWSP Building yesterday, preliminary findings showed that the cause of fire was believed to be created from sparks during maintenance work on the first floor of the building.The sparks landed on the External claddings of the building, made from poly foam. This issue need to be pondered upon:

Why there were sparks. Cause Sparks originated from maintenance work. Maintenance work such as welding, cutting, drilling by Maintenance workers, could be contractors. Is there any safety programs to control contractor works such as Safety Induction, Contractor Permit To Work (PTW) n Hot Work Permit? Do u know sparks can get trapped inside sponge or foam and then slowly over a period of time can cause a fire after the contractor leaves their workplace upon job completion. That's why inside the Hot Work Permit (Permit for doing Welding Cutting Grinding) there is 1 item to be checked, which is the PIC has to inspect the Hot Work place within 15 min upon completion of the Hot Work.
On a negative thought, I suspect there is NO Contractor Safety Management Program here.

However the BOMBA top official so far has only stressed about “spark” as the source of ignition and the fuel source was Polyfoam as per seen in the newspaper. Since fire investigation is still in the early stage, issues of Hot Work Management procedure, unsafe act and monitoring and surveillance was not yet emphasised. As such let’s look into our own contractors activities and MSOSH is willing to assist any Goverment agencies in setting up the Contractor Safety Management Program. 


Petaling Jaya, 4 November 2016 – Hari ini sekali lagi kita dikejutkan dengan satu lagi berita kemalangan yang melibatkan nyawa orang awam. Sebuah ‘Piling Rig’ telah tumbang dan menimpa sebuah kenderaan awam yang sedang melalui jalan bersebelahan kawasan pembinaan tersebut. Kedua-dua mangsa yang berada didalam kereta tersebut meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian. MSOSH mengambil pendekatan untuk menunggu laporan-laporan yang lebih lengkap berkaitan kes ini sebelum menilai implementasi yang paling tepat untuk mengelakkan kejadian yang sama berulang.

MSOSH Management Committee 2016-2017 Rev.5

Currently, we are doing the training need analysis among MSOSH members (individual and corporate) in order to determine the type and title of training that need to be organized and conducted for members for year 2018.

Therefore, we need your full cooperation and assistance from our respective members in this matter.

Send the COMPLETE FORM to:, /

Click HERE for the analysis form. For more info: 019-2051719 (Mr. Azwadi, MSOSH Manager)


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